Luke Hemmings Imagine

"Did you bring the marshmallows?" You asked Luke as you climbed into the backseat of the car, along with a couple of your friends, Luke and his friends invading the front of the car. 

"Of course I got the marshmallows." Luke laughed, throwing the bag of marshmallows at your face. "I was just checking." You grinned, taking one from the bag and popping it into your mouth. 

"Are we all here?" Someone asks. You do a quick headcount and nod, "Yeah, we’re all here, let’s go!" You say excitedly, jumping out of your seat slightly. Luke laughed at your energy and started the car, driving out into the night to the beach.

As soon as you arrive, you hop out of the car, finding a good spot to set up the campfire. Everyone follows behind you, laughing and talking. Luke decides to help you set up the fire, though he was really just bugging you while you were doing it.

You are all your friends were now seated between Luke and his friends, and you were all having a blast. There weren’t many people at the beach at this time so the whole beach was practically empty. Everyone was exchanging jokes and laughing with each other. You were talking to one of Luke’s friends, which you didn’t even know the name of, about college, something that you had thought about a lot ever since you graduated high school. 

You were chatting the night away, before Luke suddenly asked, “Where are the marshmallows?” You almost face palmed and cursed at yourself for leaving the bag of marshmallows in the car, “Dang it, I left it in the car. I’ll go get it now.” You say before standing up and walking to the car.

Luke follows quickly behind you, “Hey wait up!” You laugh and rummage through the back of the car in search of the marshmallows. “Luke— do you remember where I put the marshmallows?” You ask, sticking your head out of the car door to look at him.

You could see him grin and hold up the bag from behind his back, “Luke you had that the whole time?!” You gasped, chuckling slightly. “Yup.” He replied, helping you out of the car. 

"Will you give me the bag?" You ask, holding your hand out in front of you. Luke shakes his head, smirking. You frown, "What, why not?"

"I’ll give it to you, but only on one condition." Luke says, grinning.

You raise an eyebrow, thinking that he’s going to ask you to do something stupid like be his maid for a day or clean his room for him. “What do I have to do?”

"I’ll give you the bag— if you go on a date with me." He says casually, awaiting your response.

"I— what?" You’re surprised by his question. You and him had often flirted with each other but you didn’t know if that actually meant anything or if he would do anything about it. 

"You heard me." He said, his confidence slowly disappearing. 

You bite your lip, taking a moment to think about it, before nodding your head, “Okay, yes.”

He makes a dramatic scene by thrusting his hand in the air and shouting ‘yes’. You laugh at his antics before holding your hand out again, “Can I have the bag now?”

"Nope." He grins, giving you a quick peck on the cheek before running back to the campfire. 

Hi! Could you do an imagine where you and some of your friends and Luke's friends make a campfire at the beach at sunset and you have marshmallows but we aren't going out, but being all cute and then he asks you out like half way through the night? Thank you :)

Aw that’s so cute, sure thing cupcake, it’ll be out in a short while!


i love how the luke imagines can apply to guys too

Ah, I hadn’t even thought about it like that but yes anon! And thank you, cutie!


who did what

I (Novel) did the Michael imagine and the Luke one. Hayley did the one for Calum, lovely anon.


Luke Hemmings Imagine

It’s been two days. Two days since you ended things between Luke. Your relationship was just too much— all the rumors going around, the hate, it was too much for you to handle, no matter how much you loved him. 

You were sitting in your bed, tissues scattered around, as The Only Reason played on repeat. You fell in love with this song the first time Luke and the boys played it to you, and now that you felt it actually related to you, you had been listening to it non stop.

You got up from bed and walked over to the kitchen, making yourself a cup of tea. At the sight of Luke’s mug you almost broke down crying, but managed to return to your bedroom, without any tears being spilled. You made your way back into the bedroom only to find that your phone had run out of battery and the music had stopped. You sighed and cursed at yourself for leaving your charger at Luke’s place. 

You slowly sank back into your bed, under your covers, snuggling up to the empty space where Luke had spent endless nights in. You sniffled, feeling the tears coming, but you hear the faint sound of a guitar strumming coming from outside. You look around confused, why would anyone be playing the guitar at this time of day? You stepped out of your bed and walked towards your balcony, opening the door and stepping outside onto the balcony, the cold wind blowing against your face.

You look down and see Luke, standing under your balcony, strumming away on his guitar. You gasp and you couldn’t help but let a few tears out. “Luke…” You say, though your voice is slightly strained from all the crying.

He looks up at you, smiling, “Hey there cutie.” He says, just like he did before. “This is for you.” He says, before taking his guitar pick, and playing a song. You could tell after the first few chords that he was playing The Only Reason, and you couldn’t help but smile through your tears.

Throughout the whole song, you and Luke never once broke eye contact. Even when the neighbours started to complain about the noise, even when people passing by started cheering, even when the boys came to support Luke, because at that moment all you could see was him, and all he could see was you.

At the end of the song, there a tiny bit of silence, before Luke finally said something. “I know we’ve been through a lot, and I know that we’re going to go through so much more, but I want to be with you. I don’t care what anyone else says, I don’t care what they think, I know what I think, and what I think is that I love you, and I’m done having to explain myself to everyone else. All I need, all I want, is to know that you love me too, and I’ll be happy. So, (Y/N) can we please try again?”

You can’t help but cry a little at his speech. Who knew he could be such a poet? You think for a couple seconds but you finally come to a decision. You disappear back into your flat, and for a couple seconds, Luke thought that you had left, but a huge smile lifted onto his face when you ran out the front door and into his arms.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him close to you, “Of course we can try again, you goof. I love you.” You say to him as your tears finally decide to stop spilling. “I love you too.” He whispers, hugging you tightly. You could hear the faint sound of the boys cheering in the background, but all you really cared about was the fact that you were back in Luke’s arms, and you couldn’t be happier.

i dont really like using the whole y/n thing cuz it feels slightly impersonal? but here you go i hope you enjoy!